A Time of Reawakening

This year is almost over. And we have another one coming in. It would seem that the challenges, problems, and mistakes we encountered in the past will continue to haunt us as the days go by. Yes, we know that the years of 2020 and 2021 have nearly brought us all down. It has nearly stripped us of our dignity and sanity. It made us lose not only the financial resources we have but also a sense of hope that things will be alright. But as the dawning of a new year comes, we can see signs of reawakening. 


If we listen closely, we can feel hope building up for our better futures. It would seem that things are gradually opening up to help us forge ahead. And if we don’t take advantage of this, we will be left behind by those who took the initiative to take growth by the hand and rise up for their better futures. 


Yes, we must admit, we are still not fully in the clear. There are still dangers that abound that can stop us from recovering. And yes, it can be just wishful thinking. But we have the opportunity to gain if we stand up and take action. We must take the initiative to overcome the effects of the crises that loomed over us these past years. Because if we don’t, whether these problems and challenges will stay or not, we will be stuck in a place where we cannot reach our destinies. 


So what must we do? 

We prepare ourselves for the time that is to come. We look back at what has happened and see what we’ve learned and gained. And finally, we create plans that we can execute for the years to come. 


How does that happen? 


First of all, we look back at what happened during the past years. It’s not just looking at the losses because of the crises we encountered. We also look at what we gained and learned from our pasts. This means reflection. 


And when we reflect, we don’t just look back at what happened to us. We find out what we have accomplished or gained. We recall what we have lost. And when we have done that, we learn from these.  As we learn from all the experiences we have, we integrate these lessons into our plans, the way we execute, and the way we live and see life. 

Next, we make plans for the period that is to come. Because if we fail to plan, we plan to fail. And when that happens, whether we work hard or not, we still lose. So what do we plan for? 


First of all, we plan for things that will sustain our survival and lifestyle. This could be our work, business, or anything that will give us money.


Of course, we can’t forget to plan for the goals and objectives for the next year. This could mean personal goals, or things that we do for our benefit. And yes, we create plans for goals that will also help others. 


Speaking about others, it is also important to plan for what we can possibly do to make building relationships better. After all, we are social creatures and it is a must to create and nurture the best relationships in our lives. 


And finally, since it is within us to look for eternity even beyond our limited life spans, we have to plan for the legacies that we can potentially create. We plan for things that will help us contribute to humanity. 

Finally, we have to realize that planning involves preparing our bodies, hearts, minds, and souls for the year that will be. After all, we have to execute our goals and plans. And for us to do that, we should be able to prepare ourselves so that we are able to accept and learn from what we have to face. 


And yes, even if we create and do our best to make sure our goals are met, we have to realize that everything around us is still within uncertainty. That’s why we prepare for this as well. Plan as much as you can, but make sure to be flexible enough to innovate or improvise. 


Yes, it’s true that we have to do what we can to achieve every task, goal, and objective. But we also have to realize that what we do will always affect not only us but also those around us. So as best we can, we find ways to help each other. 


Why do we help each other? 


Helping others is an excellent way to show that we aren’t alone at all. It’s one of the best ways to provide value and in turn receive value as well. The thing is, when we help others we also help ourselves. 


And yes, when we help each other, we encourage and give to each other. We pay it forward so the good that we do passes on and continues to affect people in ways that give them an impact. And when that happens, more people will encourage and give to others as well. 


In the end, even with the seeming hopelessness of this world, we give hope to those around us. We make sure that they themselves will be a blessing to others as well. And it will result in bigger and better changes for everyone. 


Yes, we have lost a lot in the past two years. But the doors to hopeful days are reopening. And we know that as the New Year comes it is time for us to reawaken. 


We believe this in our team. And it is our hope that you experience the reawakening that will set you to a path of fulfillment and creating of your legacy. And as much as we can, we want to partner with you so that this can be achieved in your lifetime.