Leadership Lessons from Loving Mothers 

“There is no influence so powerful as that of the mother.” —Sara Josepha Hale.


We cannot ignore how much a mother can affect every aspect of our lives. In a family, they are the ones who take care of everything in the home. They handle the children, cook food, and tend the house. But most importantly, they do it with an unconditional love that defies the challenges and problems we all face. 


That is the power and majesty of a loving mother. 


Those who become mothers will be facing challenges that will test their mettle and ultimately show genuine character. 


We know that an affectionate mother will do all that she can to make a difference to the whole family. And to us, such a woman is… 


The Light of the Home. She provides warmth, love, and care that transcends time. And as she does this, she opens every member of the family to see beyond the veil of darkness. She shows what it’s like to live in the light. 


Nurturer of the Family. The mother, in all her wisdom, uses her mind to nurture everyone in the family. It is not only her duty but also her joy to make sure that all are adequately fed, clothed, and cared for. She creates plenty, even with the limits of resources. And in the end, she nurtures not only the body but also the soul. 


Uniter of the Family. The caring mother unites every single member of the family. She creates bonds of love that make people stronger. So they, in turn, can find ways to unite others. 


Yes, a mother does all these. 


But this woman is also a shining example of leadership. And it would be wise for all of us to follow and apply what we can learn from her. 


We can learn from her how to…


Build a Complete Team. 


When it comes to building and maintaining a team, one cannot ignore that all the moving pieces have to run well like clockwork. And to top it all off, challenges and problems will always arise at any moment and time. 


A leader then can learn from a mother when it comes to this. At the core of it all, the best mothers are motivated by purpose. In the end, it leads them to create a team that not only runs well. They make a group that nurtures everyone. 


Celebrate Wins and the Best That the Team Makes.


Leaders can never ignore morale. It not only motivates a team. It reinforces the clarity of purpose, direction, and action that defines a group. But building long-term and sustainable morale takes time and shared experiences. 


A mother can teach a thing or two about this to leaders. A leader should see a mother smile the brightest when she sees her child walk for the first time or get a medal in school. She beams with pride, knowing the win isn’t just a son’s or daughter’s because she knows it’s a triumph for the whole family team. She celebrates not only for winning but also because she sees the best in her group. 


Live Resourcefully 


We live in a world of limits. And we feel it when we see the resources we have. We don’t always have everything all at the same time. And as much as we try to make do with what we have, we can feel challenges and problems arise from lack. 


A matchless mother knows this all too well – and leaders can take note of the lessons she faces. It isn’t always that she has everything she needs. Because of her love and innate sense of wit, ingenuity, and resourcefulness, she knows how to maximize the meager. Even with the limited resources she has, she can still create the best at any given moment. 


Understand and Make Sacrifices


Every aspect of leadership is sacrifice. Leaders often sacrifice short-term pleasure for long-term gain. And it’s never easy. Because along with this gift comes struggle and pain. 


The loving mother does not ignore hardship and the hurts that come along the way. She aligns her focus with the team. Leaders have to realize that they too have to think like this. Because with the power of resourcefulness, a little can go a long way. 


Want and Let the Team Shine


A good leader knows that a team that shines also produces fantastic results. The leader indeed builds the heart of the group. But the leader should also help every member to grow and show their brilliance. 


To her family, this is what a mother does. She uses all her wisdom to help everyone in the family to become the best versions of themselves. Leaders should follow her example.


Be Present and In the Moment


As much as leaders prepare and plan, there will always be challenges and problems that come along the way. In such moments, a clear head and presence of mind always help. 


Mothers know this all too clearly. They have to have a clear head when managing resources, disciplining the kids, and facing struggles. Yes, it can be stressful. But in the end, they know it’s all worth it. 


Leaders can always learn from mothers. And perhaps the most important lesson that a leader can learn from a mother is this… 


Love binds everything a mother does and brings out an unstoppable and resilient leader. 


A mother knows that her place isn’t just in creating her destiny. Yes, she must achieve the dreams, goals, and impact that she personally believes in. And of course, she also realizes that under her wing are people who have to develop and live their destinies too. 


In the end, a leader should handle his team like a mother loves and cares for her husband, children, and household – with love.